Robert Gerov is the President of several modern day Communications and SAAS Corporations, including Meva Labs, a successful Patient Communication and Insurance Verification platform servicing small to large medical establishments. 


In addition to this, Robert Gerov also provides independent branding consulting and video production services. Through his years of experience building brands, Robert is able to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive strategy for large businesses. 



Robert got his start building a wholesale eCommerce brand in 2007 and that grew to serve nation-wide retailers in the electronics sector. After transitioning from the wholesale space, Robert saw an opportunity to use his talents to build and transform other businesses in the jewelry, beauty and entertainment sectors. Through his impressive successes and word-of-mouth, he evolved into the branding powerhouse he is today.


“I was always fascinated with the power of strategic communication for business development. The potential for businesses of all sizes to grow and be heard is limitless. Our process always begins with a business analysis and discovery call to achieve the desired goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

He is a go-to guy for entrepreneurs seeking thought leadership for branding services. Book him for a free 30 minute initial review below.